Craft 2: Oh, (Paper) Christmas Tree

I love paper. Love. I have stacks and stacks of patterned paper in my craft room, and it's the first place I go anytime I'm at a craft store. For the longest time I would buy paper, but not use it. I guess I didn't like the idea of not having it anymore? I'm over that now. :)

When I saw this cute little canvas on Pinterest, I had to make it. It's a paper Christmas tree. And it uses lots of different pretty papers.

I can't find it on the blog it was originally pinned from (it says the page has been deleted), but it was easy enough to figure out. Make rolls of papers of your choice in incrementally smaller lengths. Glue onto a canvas in a tree shape, and embellish with brads or buttons or whatever. That's another collection I'm learning to use and not just hoard.

So here's my tree. Ignore the horrible 1am quality of the picture. I bought the canvas for $2, a few sheets of paper and a pack of brads for $3. So for about $6 and 30 minutes, I have a sweet new piece of Christmas art!

I love how it looks with my collection of As on the family room mantle.

Love my As!! The glare from the flash on my camera, not so much.

Happy crafting! I'd love to see what you've created!


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