Craft #1: The Glitter House

As I mentioned, Avery and I decided to start the tradition of making cereal box houses each year after seeing these. So I've been saving cereal boxes and looking online everywhere for info on how to make them. I did find some tutorials and patterns, but in the end we just kind of winged it.

I started by sketching the house out and then transferring that idea to a sketch of the pattern pieces. I used the size of the box along with where it was already scored to determine some of my measurements.

I'm an English teacher. I don't really do math. So for the angles I just made tick marks at certain points and used a ruler to connect the dots. I cut separate pieces for the windows and layered vellum behind them for the panes. Then we painted, glued, glittered, and....

Ta Da!!! Our first cereal box house.

Love it! The doorknob is a crystal brad I had in my findings stash; the wreath is made from the mini garland I got to make wreaths for Avery's dollhouse. We wallpapered the inside before assembly so you wouldn't see cereal info through the door, but--did you notice? I forgot to make a door cut out on the main house portion. Oops. Oh well, easy enough to fix. That will also allow me to slip an LED candle inside and illuminate those pretty windows!

A few other things I'll remember for next year:

  1. make sure the pattern is aligned so that the inside of the box is the outside of the house. I really thought I had accounted for that, but the back piece was the printed part of the box, and hard to cover with paint. 
  2. draw/cut both side walls as attachments to the front. I did mine as complete mirrors, so they fit together like "L"s, but that meant a visible seam on the front right.
  3. I'm still undecided as to whether it's best to paint before or after assembly. We painted first, which made for much less mess, especially with Avery helping, but the paint did cause the cardboard to shrink and warp a bit, so it didn't fit as tightly when I went to put it together.
At any rate, Craft #1 of 12 is complete! We plan to add some bottle brush trees and a blanket of snow, but those have proved harder to find than I expected.


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