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Is anyone still out there? Honestly, I'll be shocked if there is. It has, after all, been almost one year since I last posted. I've had good intentions, really, and I've done lots of blog-worthy projects, but by the time I take pictures and upload them, I've usually moved on to the next thing. But I love being busy, so I'm not complaining (though having something on the calendar every weekend for the last 11 weeks is a little much...and the next two weeks are booked,too).

Here are a few of the activities filling our calendar over the last several months...

A shower with lots of DIY details for my friend Lindsay. We have been friends our entire lives, she was one of my bridesmaids, and she asked Avery to be her flower girl. We also went to four other parties in preparation for this wedding!
Disneyworld!!  We went to Orlando over Fall break and had a fantastic time.  Between the flight and the crowds, I really didn't expect my husband to like it, but he can't wait to go back! I made Avery's outfit in the above picture (she wanted something special for the plane ride--her first) and an autograph book she used when meeting the characters. I'll post about that later.
And...the wedding. I know I'm biased, but i think she is about the most beautiful thing ever. She did a great job, and didn't flinch during her walk down the aisle in front of over 300 guests, even when she ran out of flowers mid-way down.

I've also had Writing Project events, and was just in Chicago for the annual meeting. And then there's teaching (just google "Tennessee teacher evaluation" to see how that's going this year. It's never good for little ole TN to make the NY Times...), and maintaining the new house and cooking and being a wife and a mommy. Whew!

I really am going to try to blog more. In fact, I have a fun project kicking off this week that I hope lots of people from around the blogosphere will join me in! More soon on that, but here's a hint....it involves pinterest!!


Amy said...

Welcome back ... I'm glad I'm not the only who left blogging because life got a little busy. I just sat down today and made my first post in a long time and trying to bring the balance back because I do enjoy blogging and sharing my projects etc. In my absence from my blog I have become a pinterest addict ... love the app from y iphone! I'm looking forward to reading about your fun new project!! ;)

Valerie said...

I'm back on the blogging train too!... or, at least I hope I am. Good intentions here!
My mom ohhed and ahhed about how pretty Avery looked at Lindsay's wedding! She was right!! Such a pretty girl.
I heart Pinterest too!! FUN stuff! Starting my advent calendar this week by combining lots of Pinterst ideas! Also, I'm in love with my new sock bun hairstyle! Look it up!

Valerie said...

OH.. Glad you're back. I love your crafty ideas!! And, I never 'see' you anymore since I'm not on Facebook. So, looking forward to lots of pics of Miss Avery!

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