12 Crafts of Christmas

Okay, so here's my plan to keep up my crafty mojo through the holidays: The "12 Crafts of Christmas" project.

Here's how it works. Choose 12 crafts to make between now and Christmas. They can be gifts, decor items, activities with the kids--whatever. Simple, involved--again, whatever.

Once you've created, there are a few ways to share.

  1. Join the 12 Crafts Facebook page. Share your ideas for what you want to make, get ideas from others, and post pictures or links to your projects.
  2. Create a Pinterest board titled "12 Crafts of Christmas." Upload pictures of your finished projects, or pin from your blog if you have one. Follow me, I'll follow you back, and hopefully we'll create a whole network of great pins. The one I have created here includes pins that I plan to make this month.
  3. Finally...link up with your projects. Be sure you label them with the number craft it is!
I'm just about done with my first craft. Avery and I are making a glitter house out of cereal boxes. We found these last year and decided to make one every year, building a little cardboard village over time. 
Aren't they precious? The one we're making isn't quite as perfect, but I'm trying to let Avery help as much as possible. We just have a few more details to add before I share pictures of this year's house.

The linky is below. Please only link up to projects you have created for this holiday season, and be sure to link to the specific post, not your main blog page.

Happy Crafting!!


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