My Little Cupcake

I have made all of Avery's Halloween costumes. Well, my grandmother did most of the work on the first two, but they were my designs, and I sewed every stitch of the last three. Except the Tinkerbell one that had no sewing involved...but, whatever. We're really not that into Halloween. I put out a few pumpkins, but that's more fall than Halloween. We don't have trick or treaters out here in the woods, so the last couple of years we've taken Avery to a local park where area businesses hand out candy, but that's it. Despite my whatever attitude toward the day itself, I love love love coming up with costumes for Avery and making them. Maybe it's my competitive spirit knowing all the other daycare parents will see it at the costume parade at her school. You can see my past efforts here, except for last year's Tinkerbell, which I just realized I never blogged about. Sheesh. Add that to my to do list. The flower was probably the hardest, considering I had to dye leggings green and do some real sewing. It was also the most expensive because of those teeny tiny purple ballet flats that called my name from Gymboree. Evil, that place is. :)

This year Avery decided she wanted to be a cupcake after seeing one in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog (yep. she's her mother's child!). Weel, I was not about to spend $60+ on a costume that would be worn for a couple of hours. But I figured I could make it easily enough.

Here's my recipe for a PBK Knockoff:
1/2 yard pink fleece
1/2 yard brown felt
4 pieces of .20 felt in whatever colors
1 yard brown ribbon
1 pink turtle neck
1 super cute kid (I found mine in my living room, but you can use whatever you have on hand)

Cut, sew and glue and.....


Avery Olivia, 4 1/2 years old

I am really excited about how this turned out. Truthfully, I like it even more that the PBK one. I made the frosting by cutting two doughnut-like circles and then scalloping them. I glued felt "sprinkles" on, and then added a little more glue to keep the two layers together. I didn't bother with the white ruffle part, as we prefer all icing and no whipped cream on our cupcakes. This just slipped on over her shirt--no buttons, no ties.
For the wrapper, I cut strips of felt about 18" long by 6" wide. I then sewed the strips wrong sides together until I had a tube the right width. This made the pleated effect of the wrapper. Two pieces of ribbon made the straps, and it, too, just slipped over her head.

Her headband was just 3 small scalloped circles bunched and stitched and then glued on a headband we already had.

Total time spent? A few hours altogether, but that was mostly because my craft room is still in boxes.
Total cost? $10 including the turtleneck!

And you know you've creatd a successful costume when everyone asks where you bought it and someone else jumps in and says it came from PB and you have to convince them all you made it. Craft bliss, that is.

I'm really happy with this one, and already thinking ahead to my next sewing project. Hhmmmm....
What are you sewing these days? Leave me a comment; I'd love to hear about your projects!

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