Finally Fall

After weeks in the 90s, I woke up last Sunday to sweater weather! Finally! The mornings are cool, the afternoons perfect. And just in time for fall break, which, so far I am enjoying immensely, even if it has been very busy.
I really had high hopes for being a better blogger (I say this a lot, don't I?), but life happened, as it tends to do. But, for the most part, life happening this time has been fantastic! Here's a run down of the good, the bad and the ugly:

  1. started back to school August 6th
  2. closed on house August 13th
  3. moved into new house August 20th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Weekend writing retreat August 26th and 27th
  5. Finally got phone transferred September 2nd
  6. School Homecoming September 10th (I have several responsibilities this week; it wears me out)
  7. presentend at a writing conference September 21st
  8. FINALLY got internet September 21st (yes, one month after moving...it's a long story that involved threats of cancelling service at the end)
  9. presentend at a writing conference September 25th
  10. laptop died September 26th
  11. VERY successful yard sale October 2nd (as in, $900 in one day)
Most of it was great, but busy. The laptop part? I'm still in denial that it's dead and hope to revive it somehow. Fortunately, all of my pictures are backed up online, and my really important documents are also on a flash drive. I have some photoshop projects that I don't have elsewhere, and I don't have photoshop on this machine to work with them even. Not the end of the world, but frustrating.

The new house is amazing, and we are loving every minute of living here. Avery is a changed child--from day one she was picking up her toys, getting up and dressed on her own, making her bed. It really is incredible. I made my first cake here the other night. Let me just say that having a level oven, counterspace to work and a dishwasher make cake decorating a much more fun experience! There are no spiders, and our first electric bilkl with us living here was the same as the one at the old house with no one living there, and it's 4000 square feet smaller. It just shows us how inefficient that house is, something we'll be even more aware of this winter when we're not constantly freezing. This house has truly been a blessing. We are slowly getting furniture, and then I can really start decorating. I cannot wait! In the meantime, though, here's a little fall inspiration via Kirklands.

We lost our nearest Kirklands in the 2010 Flood, so now the closest one to me is an hour away. Fortunately, it's in a town I visit regularly for Writing Project stuff. Check out these vignettes from an email they sent me:

There are many reasons I love this mantle: the varying heights, textures, the fact that it is clustered in the center instead of all spread out, and mostly, that it could be recreated for any season or style. I see something similar in my future!

We have built-ins like this in three rooms, and each go up 10 feet. They look great, but are intimidating to decorate. I mean, how do you fill that space? This vignette gives me great ideas. Wreaths are a great way to visually take up space without having a bunch of little things eerywhere. And I always forget about placing wall art on the wall behind the shelf! Tabletop frames, yes, but art? Love it. I don't have outlets in my shelves, (they are in the cabinets below) but I think a non-functioning lamp would still be cool. And the layering...so many possibilities.

Right now my great room bookshelves are decorated ala Kyle, which means there are some random ORB pieces spread throughout the space. Not the look I'm going for, but it's more than I have done!! Part of the problem is that we don't have furniture in there (or anywhere except Avery's room and the Dining Room, really), so I don't have colors to work with. My displays will likely be seasonal for now, as those colors are not really determined by furniture. The library shelves are filled with...books! And that is pretty much Kyle's room, so I'm leaving the arrangement of that to him. The family room shelves are completely empty, but have a very cool design to them, so I am anxious to start filling them.

Okay, so this one is not really me. What I do love, however, is the grouping of several large items instead of tons of tiny things. That is something I'm going to try to focus on in decorating this house--high-impact accessories instead of lots of knick-knacks. This is an especially good lesson after seeing the TONS of tiny things I got rid of in the yard sale!

So what are your fall decorating plans? Where do you put your money and effort--bookcases? Mantles? Porch? As for me...I'll let you know after I go shopping!!

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