A Character Party without Visiting the Disney Aisle

When it comes to kids' TV and movie characters, I have issues. To me they belong on underwear and (maybe) sippy cups. I have never purchased character clothes for Avery, and those other people buy her (ahem, grandparents) she only gets to wear around the house. And this loathing of super commercial characteriness spills over to birthday parties.

But, alas, Avery loves princesses. And now that she's four, she has more opinions for her birthday parties, as I want her to. So how do you mix a little girl's interest with mommy's desire for pretty? Go for colors, ideas, not the character itself. For Avery's Princess and the Frog party, that meant soft blues and greens, princesses and frogs, storybook fonts....but no Tiana or Naveem.

We planned and planned...I crafted and crafted...and I'm really happy with how things turned out! This was her first friend party, and that part went well. The pictures....well, not so much. It rained all morning the day of the party, and though it cleared up and was beautiful by the time the guests arrived, we were scrambling to get things out. And then is was WINDY. Combine those, and you get windblown pictures and details that didn't get photographed. I think you'll get the idea though.

Birthday girl ready for the big day. In theme appropriate outfit, of course!

Banner whipping in the wind...it says "Avery is 4" and has dimensional frogs and crowns.

Loved the place settings! I made these plate by cutting eyes from extra plates and paper and adding a food-safe smile. The silver napkin was folded into a crown.

Paper flower centerpieces. I also found some vase gems with light purple flowers that I ran down the table.

Princess crown straw toppers. The cups had green labels and flower embellishment...with room for guests to write their name and claim their cup.

Again with the wind! The center of the tent had a paper flower chandy I made. 

Lavender foam monogrammed flags mark the entrance to the party.

I found this great frog standee at Oriental Trading. I made a blindfold and pink glitter lips to play "Plant the Kiss on the Frog." It was not as exciting as the bounce house, however.

a simple lily pad for the bird bath...

all of the food had storybook names. These MnMs were called "Happily Ever Afters."

"Magic Fruit Wands," "Cheesy Dragon Tails (Cheetos)" "From the Royal Garden (veggie tray)"

I made frog hats for the boys (LOVE)...

and personalized crowns for the girls.

Avery was crowned with her special crown by Tiana, played by one of my sweet students. She called me that morning to ask that I not let Avery see her crown until the party. She came up with a whole script including taking the Princess Pledge and the official coronation. She stayed for the whole party, even through gift opening after the kids had left. It was so magical for Avery to have the "real" Tiana at her party!!

The cake!!  It came out really well, despite the wet week.

I have done some figure molding with fondant before, but never have they turned out so well! I was really happy with it!! The crown was colored with silver luster dust. All of the flowers had pearl dust on them as well. I tried to save the frog, but it came back headless. Avery took it off to eat!

Favor bags had  frog and crown suckers, bubbles, chocolate lips candy, frog toy for boys, lip gloss for girls.

And a partied out four year old. She fell asleep watching...what else? Princess and the Frog!

Hope you loved your party, Peanut! I'm excited to start planning #5!

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