Avery's New Room-Part 1

The house is almost finished!! Hopefully that explains my extreme lack of posting. Building a house is a full time job. All we lack at this point is carpet, finishing the hardwoods and a few plumbing odds and ends. We have to close on or before August 18, so it really is almost here!! I cannot express how excited we are to be moving into our dream home. The retaining wall, nicknamed The Great Wall of Goodlettsville, ate into our furniture fund (this thing is 200' long by 6' tall at its highest point), but I am determined to have at least one room completely done when we move in...and that, naturally, is our daughter's room. At four, her room still looks like it did the day she was born. The only thing that has changed is that we converted her crib into a toddler bed. She's tiny (33 lbs finally!), so this isn't a big deal. I didn't see the point in redoing her room knowing we wouldn't be in the house much longer. Besides, her room is so small, I'm not sure a bigger bed would even fit.

Her new room is 23' x 15' (HUGE), so the timing is perfect for all new stuff. And, since I'm making pretty much everything in there, I have been able to work on it over the last several months. I'm going to start posting about the various projects for her room, and once we're moved in, I'll how everything in use.

Let's start with the inspiration:

I had planned to make her bedding out of this fabric collection (Gypsie Spring by Robert Kaufman), but then found a set in the exact same fabric for $60 at Stein Mart. I couldn't by the fabric that cheap! Plus, it's already made, so she'll have bedding before middle school.

Here's a picture of the whole set. I'm using white sheets (more on those later!), and folding the comforter at the end of the bed. A white quilt from HomeGoods will be what's actually on her bed. Also not using the striped Euro shams. I may try to find some green ones in a damask or something, but I'm not sure I really even need them.

And speaking of HomeGoods....

Here's the picture of the washcloths she picked out again. See how great they're going to tie in?!

Okay, scroll back up to the picture of the bedding. See the nightstand? I'm 99% positive that's the filing cabinet from Walmart that matches the desk we ordered for Ave's room. The one I thought would make a great night stand. Hmm...maybe once I see the quality of the desk I'll go back to that idea. I do love them...

But anyway, I promised a project, and here it is.

I knew I wanted something for Avery's dresser and something with her name on it, and when I saw these Spring Blocks from Lindsey I knew it was exactly what I wanted there. Lindsey has a great tutorial on her site, so I'll just show you my finished product.

Cute, huh? My dad cut the wood for me (all scraps from the construction site--hey, I paid for them!) and sanded them with his belt sander, saving me sooooo much time. Here are close ups of each letter.

Lindsey also shows us how to make the cutie paper flowers on her site. I used a few on this modge-podged picture frame redo.

$2 at HomeGoods and paper I already had!

So there's two of the two dozen or so projects I have planned for her room. You can watch the progress of the list over on my sidebar. Like any good crafter, though, I'm adding as many projects as I'm completing. Oh well!

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Alison said...

Those name blocks are stinkin' adorable! LOVE the font you used for the letters. This makes me wish I had a girl!! Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site www.blogger.com
Is this possible?

Lindsey @ Inspiring Creations said...

Love how your blocks turned out!!! You did a great job! :)

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