A Little Math Problem

These fabrics...

Divided by this shower curtain....

(see how well the tabs match her room colors?!)

and these pillow cases....
Plus these ribbons....

Equals several projects towards creating Avery's new room.

I'm thinking ruffles and ribbons and trims and a big fabric flower embellishment. So excited to get started!

Yesterday my friend Suzanne and I had lunch and visited the 50% off sale at Textile Fabrics in Nashville. It's the only place I know of around here with the designers I love most. Had Avery been a little more cooperative, I could have spent hours there, but even a few minutes in a store with nothing of interest for a four year old is asking a lot. But still, I was in fabric and notion heaven. I went there several times with my grandmother when I was a teenager, but their new store is much easier to get around in.

My hope is that that room at least will be almost completely done when we move in. Knowing the exact dimensions, window placements, etc makes that easy to do. And her room is the one I've had the clearest vision of during this process. And it's probably the only room where we're not taking anything from this house (we haven't done a big girl room for before this).

Oh, and the sale is going on until June 26th, so if you're local, you still have time to visit and get sewing!!


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