Hello Again

Has it really been over six weeks since I posted? Oops! There has been so much going on--much of it crafty--that I haven't even read a blog, much less blogged myself, lately.

Here's the short version:

  1. The new house has gone from this....
To this...

The back is actually my favorite view...
We're actually even farther along now. The brick is going up, the walls are insulated, and sheet rock is going up as I type (can't wait to see the rooms with walls!!). It's fun, overwhelming, and VERY consuming. We are really excited, though, and feel blessed to be achieving this dream so early in our lives.

2. Avery turns FOUR tomorrow. Her party is Saturday, and we will have many princesses and frogs running around outside (hopefully...). Princess Tiana is going to make a visit, but Avery does not know that. It is so convenient to have 1200 teenagers at my disposal! I think she's more excited about it than Ave will be. My house is a wreck because I spend every weekend cleaning the new house, and a few details are still undone, but I will get it all done. Hey, I have a 17-day spring break starting Friday to catch up on sleep.

3. School is crazy. I love it, but in the spring term I teach a college class and give up my 90 minute planning period to do so. Again, love it, but by 3:15 I'm exhausted, so i am perpetually behind.

4. I'm thinking ahead to the new house and have been crafting some for Avery's room. I love her nursery, but it's too babyish for my seventeen year old four year old. We're going bright and fun, with modern woodland creatures hanging around. The hard part is restraining myself since I have no place to store new things until the move!

Here's the inspiration fabric. I had originally planned to use the pink/green/yellow version of this fabric, but saw the Spring color way and couldn't get it out of my mind. And I found the perfect shower curtain on clearance at Target to coordinate! The only problem is that I will have to sew her bedding. It may be awhile before these things make it into her room.

So that's not all, but it's some of what's been going on in our world. It doesn't seem to be slowing down, either. I just emailed my husband a list of school obligations I have coming up, and it had at least 10 items on it. It's crazy, but I love it, and will love it even more once Avery and I have the same schedule. Between that, the house, and, of course, family, sleep may just become optional!

More on the party to come. Hopefully it will all come together!


Pinknails or Fairytales said...

We just did an AWESOME beautiful Princess and the Frog Birthday Party!
Children put together pink castles with decorated with stickers.

We played one game called Treasure Hunt - "Princess Tiana lost her sunglasses, slipper, purse and boa and you help find them?" We gave out 4 prizes .

We also decorated in LAVISH decor' surrounding the place with balloons. We re-created Princess Tiana by using paper plates with her picture on it and buying her poster at Walmart. Use glue to seal the photo onto the cardboard paper and hot glue a stick in the back to sick in a vase or planter. Tulle was used to created a beautiful dress!!!
A LIVE Princess also showed up and help the kids dress up and put makeup on.

View pictures at www.pinknailsorfairytales.com

Shyla said...

It looks great! Is it still coming along on the time table you were hoping for?

Tell Avery Happy Birthday! I can't believe she's four :)

Jess said...

Wow! This is gorgeous! Congratulations on your new home and Happy Birthday to your daughter!

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