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Okay, so not really for me. For my kids. As you may know, I teach 11th and 12th grade English in Gallatin, TN, outside of Nashville. We have the best kids. Period. I truly love coming to work each day and watching them learn and learning from them.

In September I asked for help with collecting Limeades for Learning stickers for books for my classroom. We didn't get enough stickers (I found out about the program near its end), but the grant was funded over Christmas break by three donors and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As a result, my darlings received 43 new books for our classroom library. On the first day I had them ready to check out, 10 of my 18 standard level juniors left with a book that they chose. I didn't tell them they had to (they will, eventually), they were just excited to read. I nearly cried.

So now I'm asking for your help again for these wonderful kids. Our prom location gave our date away and now prom will be held at our local community center. That may not seem like a big deal, but for many of our kids, prom night is one of the few times they leave town. It is certainly the only time most of them dress up and have dinner somewhere nice. They are a little bummed at having prom in the place where many of them play basketball after school and smells like chlorine. I really want our kids to have a special night and to forget about the location--to be transported to their "Isle of Enchantment." And since I like to talk about decor and party planning on this blog, prom decorations certainly fit!

So here's what I'm asking:
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Select Gallatin High School from the list (we are the third from the bottom)
Enter your email to vote

You don't have to sign up for anything, get any junk email, or even give your name. You can vote once a day per email address. So if you have eight email addys like me....

I--and my students--really appreciate it. Let me know in a comment if you vote! I'd love to be able to thank you.


Ticia said...

I'm off to vote now.

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