New Year, New Routines

I DO NOT make resolutions. I never keep them, then feel guilty for not keeping them. Why do that to myself? But, the new year is a good time for starting new routines, trying new things, getting a fresh start.

So my goal for the next few months is to simplify my life, to establish routines that will make our lives easier, and to help me feel not so overwhelmed. See, I have this problem of taking on alot(September 2009: 2 out of town conferences--one I presented at, Homecoming Assembly--I chaired, friend's wedding--I coordinated, decorated and made the cake, and there's something else, but I think I'm blocking it out.) I should take on less, but I know myself well enough to know that's not likely to happen, so my hope is that if I can establish routines, our world can stay relatively orderly even when I doing 8 things at once. I'm really wanting to get this under control before moving so I don't take all of this mental clutter to the new house with us.

But here's a problem with me and organizing: I come up with elaborate plans that I can never follow through with. And I spend so much time on the system that by the time I'm ready to implement it, I'm tired of the whole thing. Does anyone else do this?

So this time I'm thinking big and thinking small at the same time. Here's the big part...

I'm all about having everything in one place, so this is the cover to our new Family Binder. Isn't it cute? I used a free digi kit from Kevin and Amanda {blog} as well as some elements from a kit by Shabby Princess. These are the colors I'm planning to use in my new kitchen. LOVE. THEM. Annnddd..turquoise was just named THE color for 2010, but I had the idea before reading that. I feel so on top of the trends :).

But the design is not what's important; the method is. If you see on the tag, the notebook will have sections for calendars, routines, meals, couponing, ideas, contacts, gifts, household info and whatever else I think of later that doesn't fit into one of those categories. That's ALOT. Too much. If I said that today I will manage all of these areas of my life with aplomb, I would quit by tonight.

That's where the small part comes in:

I'm not doing all of this. well, at least not right now. have you ever read Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography? Probably not, unless you majored in English and have taught American lit for 8 years. Anyway, there is a section in the work called "Arriving at Moral Perfection," where Franklin outlines his plan to become perfect. He basically identified 13 virtues he wanted to possess and then made a plan to focus on one until he had it down. Then he would add another virtue, perfect that one, add another....you get it. I'm not aiming for perfection, just a level of control amidst chaos, but his plan is right on. Right now I'm going to work on organizing our meals (this overlaps some with couponing, and some with my goals to re-lose weight). Once that feels in control and I have settled into a system, I'll move to the next tab. I have no idea how long this will take, and have no firm timeline in mind.

I'm really confident in my ability to do this...so long as I work on it in chunks. I'll share the meal organizing system I'm stealing next week, but for now, here is a weekly calendar I made to match the binder. Leave me a comment with your email if you want either of these files (jpg or psd if you want to edit); I'm happy to share!!
And...if anyone has any secrets to a more organized life, please leave a comment and help a girl out.


Ginny said...

I could have written this post, well without all of those conferences, lol.

I do the same thing, I start a system ~ make it so involved ~ I never actually use it. I have been trying to do a family binder for at least 2 years now (actually longer), but 2 years ago I did start using one. I stopped about 3 months into it. I will have to dig it out & work on it again.

My goals this year are also to simplify & organize. I'd love the files you made! You can email the psd to scrappydesigns at gmail dot com

Thanks so much, looking forward to seeing your progress. Hopefully it will push me along as well :)

Anonymous said...
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