This is BIG!

When we married, Kyle and I did what every other couple in his family has done: we moved into his grandmother's house. His granfather dug out the basement to create an apartment for Kyle's aunt and uncle when they married in the 1950s; my in-laws followed in the 1960s. Each of Kyle's first cousins also called the basement home when they began their married life. I guess you can say it's a tradition.

I don't do basements. As in, I don't go into our basement, so there was no way I was going to live in one. But by the time I came around, Kyle's grandparents had passed away and the house was being rented. So...we bought it and tried to make it our own, which is hard when everyone in the family either grew up in or grew up going to your house.

We didn't talk timeline when we married, but we both knew that this would not be our forever house. It's small (I call it a 1-1/2 bedroom, since Avery's room is a walk-through), very chopped up, and lacks wall space, which makes furniture arrangement nearly impossible. We literally had to make a cut out in a built-in cabinet and close off a closet to have space for a TV and couch. The house was built in 1929 as a summer home, and the windows and doors are original. Charming, but cold. As in $500 electric bills in the winter.

Needless to say, I have been looking at house plans ever since we married six and a half years ago. Dreaming of our someday home. About three years ago I came across THE PLAN. I loved it. Three years later, I still gasp when I look at it. And it was the first place that Kyle and I were both in love with. It's huge, though, and I really thought I'd be 50 before we could afford it, so I started looking at other options. Nothing compared, and we weren't willing to settle since we know the house we build will be the forever house. (Avery is 7th generation to live on this land; leaving is not an option.)

Fast forward to this past June. As we looked at our savings we started to wonder if maybe we had enough to actually make this dream a reality. I ran into the builder we were considering in the bank one day, and two weeks later we were ordering blueprints. We held our breath waiting for the bids, and though they were higher than we hoped, they were less than we expected. It took 90 days for the Health Dept. to approve our land for septic, a job that should have taken 2 weeks. Then something happened with the loan documents and closing was delayed, but if you are reading this (I've scheduled it so I can delete it if something goes wrong!) then we have closed on the construction loan and are ready to finally break ground, 2-1/2 months behind schedule. And in the long run, the delay could save us money as subs are coming back with lower bids now that winter is upon us. As long as this is our last winter in this house, I'll be happy.

I am shocked and feel so blessed that we are going to be in our dream home shortly after I turn 30---a far cry from the 50 something I really thought it'd be. This house is the last one we will live in, and given Kyle's family's love of the land, it will likely house many more generations. We are certainly building with that in mind.

Okay...so you want to see it??

Ta Da!!!! Isn't it gorgeous?!?! At 4400 square feet, it's way more than we need, but we love it, and know that by going big it will meet our needs for years to come.

If you are interested, you can click here to see the floorplan. We are making very few changes to the plan (another reason we knew it was the house for us), basically just removing a door between the library and the master and eliminating the "morning kitchen." I am so excited about getting to choose everything that goes into this house, and not feeling limited by it as I do in this home. Where we are now we cannot expand our family, cannot place furniture like we'd like...there are many things. This house I feel will help me feel more centered and in control. And the best part? I. will. have. a. dishwasher. Maybe two, just because I can.

So guess where most of my creative energy is going to go for the next several months? I am so excited and can't wait to share the process and gather ideas from blogland.

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