It's Flitterific!

I have really tried hard to steer Avery away from characters. And princesses. Especially princesses. You see, I teach 16 and 17 year old girls, many of whom have been told their whole lives that they are princesses, and they believe it. I really do not want that for Avery. But I am not the only one who buys her things. I've stood firm on character clothing (underwear only), but we now have several dressup boxes filled with princess clothes and at least 5 Disney princess dolls. I tried.

This desire to avoid the commercial also applies to Halloween costumes; so far she has been a bumble bee, a flower and a butterfly. This year, though, she really wanted to be Tinkerbell. She has been in love with this little fairy for over a year, and since Avery is pixie petite herself, I decided to go with it. Besides, she's not a princess. I'm going to Hobby Lobby in a little bit to shop for supplies for her costume, but in the meantime I thought I'd post a little Tinksperation...

Pretty cute, huh? I would love those green glitter shoes for Ave, but the Disney Store is sold out of them. We'll just use her "Tinkerbell shoes" (pewter mary janes from Target--they go with everything). One thing I hate about Disney costumes is that they put a picture of the character on the costume. Something about that is just off to me. Besides, few costumes fit Avery. At three and a half, she wears an 18-24 month in most clothes. It's just easier for me to make them. They fit and meet my standards.

For this costume I'm going with a tutu dress cinched at the waist and some wings we already have. I'm going to attempt to make a lantern candy bag, but we'll see about that.

So what are your kids going to be this year? Leave a comment and let me know!!


Ticia said...

Right after I cut out the Wonder Woman costume my daughter informed me she now wants to be Batman. And her Batman is pink!
And my boys want to be Star Wars guys.
As to the princess thing, I'm find with my daughter thinking she's a princess, but more for her to understand that she is special and part of being special is that she has responsibilities to others (more of the old style European noble, than the current princess idea)

Valerie said...

So far, ZK has been Princess Leia and Supergirl. Both pretty funny costumes. ZK told me that she wanted to be a blue princess... like you, I'm NOT into the whole princess thing. I asked her to give me another option, she replied with "Uhhh, I like to be George Washington." We'll see what happens with that request!

LydiaB said...

No Joke, I remember being a little kid and explaining to my mom the same issue with the image of the character being on the costume! Tinkerbell doesn't wear her own face on her shirt, NO ONE does! Too funny. I am SO with you on this one!

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