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I know, I know, enough with the vinyl and the Cricut. But it's so versatile! Just look what I did with it in about 20 minutes Saturday afternoon:

I found this cute apron at Joann's Saturday. I wasn't looking for it; it was a complete impulse t was buy. But it was only $4! I looked around for iron on monograms for it, but everything was too small.

Then inspiration struck.

Yep. You've got it. The Cricut.

I'm seriously going to wear the thing out. Maybe then I can get the big bug...hmmm...another reason to use it.

I cut the "H" from the Stone Script cartridge in a color vinyl I don't love and probably won't use much. But wait...that's not the part you want.

You want the negative. Get it now? It's a stencil! The sticky back of the vinyl keeps it in place while you paint, plus the paint won't seep through it.

Simply line up the stencil in the center of your surface and paint. I use a very complicated method of finding the center called "folding in half."

And voila! I really like it, and since I've never had an apron (I know, with all the cake stuff I do you'd think I 'd have twenty), it really does have a function. I'd recommend setting it with an iron before washing.

Just think about all the thins you can stencil now! And if you're not looking to paint, you could also use the positive image stuck to fabric to give you a guide to cut around. Happy crafting!


Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

So cute! What a great idea! These would make great personalized gifts. Were there more aprons? ;)

Sidenote: For some reason, your text on your blog is pushed out to the left and right with a space in the middle. The words overlap over your borders on the left and right, so it's a bit hard to read. Not sure if you knew about this already, and maybe it depends on the computer screen? Not sure, but just wanted you to know! Love the new look though!

Heather said...


thanks for letting me know. i think it's a firefox issue. in my dasboard in firefox the page elements show spread across the page; in IE they look fine. but after two hours of looking for a fix, i've got nothing. ARRRGGHH!!!

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