A Little Help, Please

Remember the shower I posted about here? Well, it’s Saturday, and I have a tabletop design dilemma. I’m using china for the plates, and my silverware, but I do not have enough glasses for everyone. Will plastic glasses look completely awful with the “real” stuff for everything else? Other suggestions? I have some really cute things cooked up for Saturday, and can’t wait to show you.


pucktricks said...

technically yes, is there anyone you could borrow some glasses from?

Shyla said...

I would worry, too. Goodwill? TJMaxx? Church? Change the other to the "nice" plastic china? Clear wine/champagne glasses?

Heather said...

I think church only has the punch cups...too small. I think I'll try HomeGoods and OLd Time Pottery. I really like the plates I'm using, so I don't want to change them. Just plain white everydayish china that I dressed up a bit.

Thanks for validating my thoughts so I can stop worrying about it and go DO something about it!

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