I Scream, You Scream

When Avery was about 18 months, my dad started picking her up from daycare on Fridays for "Bugs and Worms." That's their code for Baskin Robbins. They get ice cream and then go back to Pop Pop's to play. Avery looks so forward to this each week, and so I should not have been suprised when she informed me a month or so ago that she wanted a "Bugs and Worms" party for her 4th birthday. Which is not until April :). I've had a lot of school-related things going on lately, so I had not given it much thought. That is until this showed up in my feed reader:

Jess is upto it again! She has the best party ideas and tends to post them just when I need them.
And that got me thinking. (My doctor's office called to reschedule my appointment, as he had an emergency that was going to push back my appointment to 5:30! I had some unexpected time.) Here are a few other sweet treats I dug up on Etsy.

And this one may be my favorite....

Okay, so maybe I need to go ahead and get in party planning mode. The early planner finds the deals! Of course before Avery started talking ice cream, she had also mentioned Tinker Bell and Zoo Animals. So maybe I'll wait just a little longer...


More Vinyl

I know, I know, enough with the vinyl and the Cricut. But it's so versatile! Just look what I did with it in about 20 minutes Saturday afternoon:

I found this cute apron at Joann's Saturday. I wasn't looking for it; it was a complete impulse t was buy. But it was only $4! I looked around for iron on monograms for it, but everything was too small.

Then inspiration struck.

Yep. You've got it. The Cricut.

I'm seriously going to wear the thing out. Maybe then I can get the big bug...hmmm...another reason to use it.

I cut the "H" from the Stone Script cartridge in a color vinyl I don't love and probably won't use much. But wait...that's not the part you want.

You want the negative. Get it now? It's a stencil! The sticky back of the vinyl keeps it in place while you paint, plus the paint won't seep through it.

Simply line up the stencil in the center of your surface and paint. I use a very complicated method of finding the center called "folding in half."

And voila! I really like it, and since I've never had an apron (I know, with all the cake stuff I do you'd think I 'd have twenty), it really does have a function. I'd recommend setting it with an iron before washing.

Just think about all the thins you can stencil now! And if you're not looking to paint, you could also use the positive image stuck to fabric to give you a guide to cut around. Happy crafting!


Ballard Designs in My Dining Room

Sarah posted about it first. Then Xazmin. Ballard Designs. I probably should know more about his company, but I really had never heard of them. Or if I had, I don’t remember it. But look at this beautiful piece of art. Simple, and yet impressive.

That thrifty chick Sarah made her own version using….SCRAPBOOK PAPER! Now, if you know me at all, or even if you don't, but have read this blog more than once, you know that I L.O.V.E. paper. I hoard it. And so when I saw his idea knew i would be perfect for my dining room.

Our dining room might be my favorite room in the house, which is funny since before a couple of months ago we pretty much never used it. Now that Avery is getting bigger we eat dinner there as the kitchen table was getting cramped. Anyway, the walls are painted "Dark Dove Gray." It's beautiful, especially with the white trim. We have talked about using that color throughout our new home when we build (which might be a lot sooner than I had ever dreamed!). The in-laws bought us a rug for Christmas one year, and it took me until June to decide which one I wanted! That's a big purchase, and I knew it would determine my color scheme for many years. The one I kept coming back to is a checkerboard pattern of melons, corals, greens and taupes. Again, I love it!

But back to the project. I needed some MDF, so I called Dad to see if he could cut some for me on his table saw. Just so happened he had some MDF lying around his shop, left from some packing materials. Free! I already had spray adhesive. Free! And brown spray paint. Free! It took awhile for me to find the right papers (especially since we don't have any scrapbook stores around here--just Michaels, Joann and Hobby Lobby), but I finally settled on this:

It's "Dill Blossom" by SEI. It has a good mix of large and small floral, stripes, solids and some geometrics. It was only $10 with my Micheal's coupon for 48 sheets. Fortunately there are two each of 24 designs, because I did make a few mistakes.

Isn't it lovely?! Hanging it took forever, but the actual project went really quickly. Like maybe 30 minutes not including dry time for the paint. I hot glued hanging hardware on the back since the MDF was to thin for the tacks that came with them. Sarah nailed hers right to the wall, but I was afraid the nails would show too much on the papers I chose. Besides, this way I can take them down and replace them with plaques that match my Christmas decor during that season.

Here's the view of it in room:

The table is missing its centerpiece, but I beefed it up and replaced it Sunday. I added a piece of fabric that I have had for at least eight years under it (it was the wall color inspiration) and added some silver pieces. Now I need moss balls, I think. Kyle really liked it, too, though he thought I should have centered it on the wall. I chose to center it on the entire wall, including the doorway, so that it would be centered on the table. I figure if we ever get a buffet it would go under the art, and would need to line up with the table. I may add another column, though, because he's right: there's a lot of blank space to the left.

Ooohhh! I must tell you about my table. I found it at Sam's before we got married for $250! It's solid wood with veneer inlays on the top and TWO leaves. Our chairs (purchased later at another store) are huge, and we can comfortable fit eight of them around it.

So there you go: a project and a tour. Have a wonderful day of creating. I'm off to the library and then to meet my favorite person for lunch (that would be my husband, in case you are wondering!).


A Little Help, Please

Remember the shower I posted about here? Well, it’s Saturday, and I have a tabletop design dilemma. I’m using china for the plates, and my silverware, but I do not have enough glasses for everyone. Will plastic glasses look completely awful with the “real” stuff for everything else? Other suggestions? I have some really cute things cooked up for Saturday, and can’t wait to show you.

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