Super Quick Smock

Last night was the GHS prom. The theme was "Moonlight in Paris"--complete with 20 foot Eiffel Tower! The tables has a bistro look, a park lined one side, a quaint city sidewalk (with student artwork in the windows!) the other. Even the caterer got in on the game, bringing along a coffee bar and black and white damask platters. And little cones of french fries! So fun.

I love going to prom and seeing the kids all dressed up. And I think they actually like seeing all of old teachers there--especially with our spouses. They forget that we have lives outside our classrooms.

Here is a picture of us before the kids got there:

I can't believe it's been 11 years since our first prom! Of course, that was way before digital, and I'm not in the mood to scan right now. So no pics of that!

Okay, enough of that...here's the project I made last week. My mom found this tablecloth almost a year ago foe eighty-eight cents. 88 cents!!! It had the colors of Avery's playhouse in it, but it was the wrong size and shape for any tables I had planned. But .88! I had to do something with it.

Since the tablecloth is vinyl and easy to wipe off, I immediately thought "art smock." Of course it took me months to actually do it....but once I did it took all of 45 minutes to complete. I drew out a basic pattern on newspaper and then cut it out. A front and a back. That's it! I made sure to do a kind of cap sleeve to help further protect clothes. I sewed the front and back together at the top of the sleeves, left a lot of space for the armholes, and then sewed the rest of the way down the sides. Four seams--that's it. Since it's vinyl, there is no need to hem.

It would depend on the pattern of the tablecloth, but with this one I used the border of the cloth as the bottom of the smock. Not only is it cute that way, but it also has a nice finished edge.

My original plan was to make the arm and neck hole big enough for Ave to slip it on and off over her head, and it is, but it finally occured to me that that was a recipe for getting paint on the very clothes the smock is meant to protect! No problem: I just made a cut down the middle of the back and sewed some ribbon scraps on each side to tie it closed.

I think Avery likes it! I'm playing with a new camera, and though it does a great job of capturing Avery dancing without coming out blurry, I haven't yet figured out where not to put my fingers. Hence the dark spots at the bottom. Oh well, she still looks super cute! Happy crafting everyone!


Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

This is genius!! I love how it turned out and the cuteness factor is way up there, too. What a deal for only $.88! You never could have guessed it used to be a tablecloth. What a clever little project.

Great prom picture, too! ;) It sounds like it was fun and I probably would have loved seeing all of the great decor/special touches of the event.

Valerie said...

Oh to go to prom again...how fun!

Tell me about your new camera-I'm in the market for a new one!!

Katie said...

This is so cute! Way to be creative!

Amber @ Paint Chips and Frying Pans said...

Absolutely Adorable! I love being able to repurpose something to fit your needs. :)

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