Modge Podge Mania!

Xazmin over on This is the Year hosts a monthly Modge Podge Mania project. I haven't done much with Modge Podge lately, but I'm always open to new ideas! One of my favorite projects is here: Altered Office Supplies.

Read about it and then go see what everyone else is doing over at This is the Year.

I have another project I need to post, but it might have to wait until after the PROM tomorrow! MOst teachers dread having to chaprerone prom, but I love it! This will be mine and Kyle's 6th prom, including my senior prom in 1998! I love seeing the kids all dressed up.

Happy weekend all!


Amanda said...

Stopping by from SITS.

I was looking arond a bit and I have to say you are very talented. I love everything you did for your daughters party! It was all adorable! (including your daughter!) =)

Have a great weekend!

Christie-A Work In Progress said...

I hope you had fun chaperoning the prom!! Stopping by from SITS! Your altered office supplies was great!!

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