A Different Kind of Pink

I'm finally getting to plan an adult party! Don't get me wrong--I LOVE planning Avery's parties, but I'm excited to do something a little more sophisticated. My friend Cortney is getting married in a few months and I'm hosting a brunch for her. I'm also making her wedding cake, which both excites and terrifies me. I've done tiered cakes, but never one with so much at stake. Oh, and I'm directing the wedding and helping with a lot og the plans. For about 10 minutes between Freshman and Sophomore year in college I considered switching to business with the idea of becoming a wedding planner. I'm glad I didn't pursue it, but still love the idea of planning weddings.

Cortney's wedding is fuschia and orange, which I think will look great! For her shower I wanted to focus on just the pink, since that is her favorite color.

Pink and my new favorite print: damask. I cannot get enough of it! Did you notice my new damask dress in the prom picture? And Avery has pink damask pillows in her playhouse. I love that it's whimsical and formal at the same time.

For this party I have found some pink damask giftwrap at Tar-jay to use as table runners ala HWTM. That girl is the queen of using paper for table decorations!

I have a few more things in my head, but we'll have to see how far I get. This is going to be a busy summer (and it starts SOON--all kids will be gone Wednesday; most are already done!!!!). One thing I definitely plan to use are these wonderful pom poms. So cheap. So quick. So lovely!

And not that I would begrudge Martha of any of her millions, but I'm not paying for the kits to make these. If you want to support women in business, however, let PomLove or PartyPoms make them for you. Otherwise, grab some tissue and get to folding and cutting.

Oh, this month's craft challenge over at Blue Eyed Blessings is to use a mongram. What I have in mind is actually for Cortney's wedding, too. Check back soon for that!

And finally...if you have any ideas for creating a fun hot pink damask bridal shower brunch, leave a comment! Or have you hosted a bridal shower lately? Let me know--I'd love to feature you!


Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

I bet this will be a very pretty bridal shower! I love hot pink and orange together and those pom poms are adorable. Be sure to post lots of pretty pictures. I wish I had some advice to give on hosting bridal showers. It's been a long time since I've helped with one. I'm more in the baby shower time of my life with many of my friends going on their third! Can't wait to see your monogram project!

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