Craft it Forward

Have you seen the movie Pay It Forward with Kevin Spacey and the Sixth Sense kid? (I know, I know, he has a name. I'm just not wanting to look up the spelling of it right now...) The main character has an assignment to come up with a plan to make the world a better place. His idea is to do something nice for three people. They each in turn do something nice for three people, and the goodness spirals out exponentially. It's a wonderful concept.

Well, this game uses the same concept to make the world a more creative place. I received my "Craft it Forward" goodies this weekend from Heidi at Blue Eyed Blessings.

A modge-podged frame, a little note pad, a red (I LOVE red!) album and a set of tiny notecards. And they're pink. And polka-dotted!! Thanks, Heidi!
Wanna play? Here are the rules:
1. Comment to this post by Monday, June 1st. I will then select three commenters using random.org (because I've always wanted to use it!).
2. I will then send each "winner" a small gift hand crafted by yours truly.
3. In turn you agree to post about the game after you have received your package and craft it forward to three readers of your blog. You could even just pay it forward with small purchased items if you prefer. And on and on it goes.
And, yes, part of my motivation for participation (a small part) is to solicit comments. I love comments, you lurkers! So get to commenting, and I'll get to crafting.


Raines Inc said...

I would love to craft it forward. It sounds like great fun!

Mama King said...

Hi I found you via Heidi's blog. Sounds fun!

Lee said...

sounds like so much fun.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

This sounds like fun!! Count me in.


pucktricks said...

What a fun idea! I have to try this. I hope I win.

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