Saturday was 75 degrees and sunny. I actually ot a little sunburned during Avery's party. Sunday, more of the same. Today? 45--maybe--and rain mixed with tiny snow pellets that are supposed to turn into full on snow showers overnight. It's April, people, in the South. And did I mention that I'm on Spring Break this week? I finally get a week off, and this is the weather I get.

As if Spring was out to mock me, this is what I found in my flower bed this afternoon when I went to bring in some potted plants before the freeze comes:

My iris never bloom this early, and yet here they are, just in time to get killed off. And of course my lilac is starting to bloom. I braved wind and sleet and leaving Avery unattended with play-doh to cut a few blooms, since I know they won't make it. I L.O.V.E. the way my lilacs look with the dove gray wallls in the living room.

But rather than spend the whole day lamenting winter in April, I did a little planning for other areas that need landscaping. When Kyle's grandfather dug out the basement of our house, he just piled the dirt next to the house and built a retaining wall around it. He then added some steps going up to it; people often think it's a foundation to a house that once was. It's pretty neat, actually. So anyway, I have wanted to plant around this "foundation" ever since we bought the house almost six years ago. I've drawn up several plans for it, but never liked any of them enough to actually buy the plants and dig some holes. But I think this one might be it:

I found this planting plan at Better Homes & Gardens. I love the symmetry, the colors, and especially the peonies! They have lots, and all provide a list of plants as well as alternates. Check them out and send some more Spring this way, please! Maybe for my birthday on Wednesday?

edited 4/7/09: My iris survived the freezy rainy sleety stuff last night! Hopefully the lilac and hydrangea did, too. (Two years ago a late freeze caused my hydrangea to leaf out, but not bloom. That shrub is really important to me, so to go another year without its beautiful blue blooms would sadden me.)


Christy said...

your flowers are gorgeous! I hope this cold front that has just come through doesn't kill all my buds!
Leaving Some Love from SITS!!

Ms Cupcake said...
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Ms Cupcake said...

Howdy sitsta! Happy Wednesday. Checking in on Hump Day. Tonight begins Passover. Only 4 days until Easter. Celebrate!
Zen Cupcake

Kelly Deneen said...

Awww spring! I can't wait until my lilacs bloom here in MN!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning!

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