Polka Dot Party #2

I tend to have a very clear vision of what I want, whether it be an outfit, a piece of art or simple party decor. I will sometimes come across cute things, but often it's not exactly what I had in mind. And I have this thing about settling for less than what I've envisioned. I can't do it.

So when shopping for Avery's party, I found this centerpiece set:

You've seen them before, I'm sure. For some reason, though, they are almost all for 1st birthdays. I knew I could easily alter the circle part to match the theme and my style, so what I was really buying it for was the tissue stand up part. That part I knew would be difficult to recreate.

A few cuts with my beloved Cricut, and voila...

Pretty cute, right? This project took all of 10 minutes. The point is to look at things not as what they are, but they might become. Often times it just takes a little bit altering to make an item not only perfect, but one of a kind, as well.


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