This past Sunday was my church's annual Mother-Daughter Tea. It's always a fun afternoon of nibbles and catching up with people who no longer attend church there, but are still connected somehow through family and friends. When this started 9? 10? years ago, I think it was a potluck. Then someone got a hold of it and provided a menu. Then themes. And favors. And on and on it went. It ends up being a lot of work for the organizers, but really nice.

This year there was no theme, which created a problem for (one of) the speakers...ME! And so I ended up speaking on that...how difficult it is to navigate like if you have no theme. Beginning with the end in sight, I like to call it. Maybe I'll post my thoughts here sometime.

Another difference this time was that each table was responsible for their own centerpiece. The colors were robin's egg blue and yellow. A few tables included pictures of women in their family; one had grandma's old hats!

This was ours...

Isn't it cute?! It's a series of birds' nests on a cake pedestal surrounded my ffloral garland that I'm pretty sure my mom has been hanging onto for five years. Finally a use! Oh? You're curious about the eggs?? Check them out up close:

LOVE them! They're dyed with silk ties! I found the idea on Our Best Bites. They have a tutorial that explains the process really well. I provided the idea, Mom dyed the eggs (she got the ties at Goodwill for practically nothing), Aunt Connie made the little paper maiche flowers.
Who says dyeing eggs is only for Easter?


Shyla said...

Your centerpiece looks great! I'm so sorry I never got back with you about what you were going to speak on. My brain was temporarily overtaken with preparing for Grace that I forgot :o( I'm really sorry...I'm sure you did great though!

I had a question about Avery's cake. It sounds like you decorated her cake, have you taken a class somewhere or have you just taught yourself? I'm making (decorating!) more cakes these days because of the wheat issue and I would really like to get better at it. Any advice?

Heather said...

I did take a Wilton class probably 9 or 10 years ago, but just course one. I just kind of figure things out as I go! Maybe this summer I can come over and give you a mini lesson...it's actually pretty easy. Can't wait to see more pics of Grace!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

The centerpiece is adorable! So creative. Don't you love that you FINALLY used something that was hanging around for awhile? I really like the topic you chose...sounds like I could relate!

Anonymous said...

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