Happy Birthday Avery!

Avery Olivia -- April 1, 2006

Okay, it's official: as of yesterday morning at 10:08, Avery is no longer a baby. Not that she has EVER been a baby (she seriously could hold her head up by the time they brought her back to me from cleaning her up in the nursery. She was what--2 hours old? And that's her hospital picture--she was not quite 2 days old there.), but now she is three. Two is still babyish. Three is a little girl. Sigh. Sad as it makes me, it was so much fun to watch her really enjoy her birthday. She get's it.

She woke up to three balloons in her room. I got the idea for this tradition from Natalie. It was so simple, but really started her special day out right. She was literally jumping up and down shouting, "Today is my birthday! I'm three years old!" Too cute.

My friend Ann covered my last class so that I could make it to daycare for afternoon snack. Avery brought pink cookies to share. Of course they were pink! She got to don the huge latex gloves and pass them out all by herself. It was so cute to see her using such grown up manners with her friends: "Excuse me, Anderson, would you like a pink cookie for my birthday?"

After that celebration she received her big gift from us: a big girl bike. She was as excited as we hoped she would be, and is pretty good at riding it. We always struggle with toys like that, because she is so tiny. At only 27lbs, we never know if she will be able to reach pedals and whatnot. Yes, 27 lbs. She wears 18-24 month clothes. Unless length doesn't matter, and then it's 12-18. I have no idea where this kid came from.

Papa and Juju and Grandmommy and Pop Pop came over after dinner for cake and presents. She blew out all of the candles on the first try, and kept reaching her fork back into the cake for more. That's my girl. :) And we now are fully stocked on Tinkerbell gear. I can handle Tink so much better than the princesses, though we have our fair sahare of those, too. Oh, and her hat is just a little pink peak at what's to come Saturday. Stay tuned.

So now she's three going on thirty. They grow up so fast! Next up: the pink polka dot party on Saturday.


Shyla said...

Happy Birthday, Avery!

Three is such a fun age! The balloon thing is such a fun idea, too. We do Build-A-Bear when each of our children turn three.

I remember when Anna turned three. The first thing she said the morning after her third birthday was, "Mommy, am I *still* three?"

They grow up so fast.

I hope you guys have a fabulous time Saturday!

Pam said...

Visiting from SITS! What an adorable little girl and a beautiful baby. Happy Birthday, Avery!

TheMadHacker said...

Mrs. Adkins!!! Hows life? i've been looking for you on blogger for quite a while lol. this is rob, btw, your favourite student on the face of the planet.

I've had a blog for a while, but i highly doubt you'd be interested.....its a hacking blog lol.

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