30 Minutes and a Cricut

I love my Cricut. What? I've said that before? Well, it's true. I tend to collect craft supplies, but the Bug has seriously eliminated the need for most of them, as it does what the other things do plus some.

I finally got my craft room (okay, so it's a landing created from an old porch that was encloosed during an addition years ago, but you know...) in good shape during a day off in February. It's clean, organized, but lacking in decor. Not that there's much room for decor.

I still had some black vinyl left over from this project, and I thought I could put some to good use over the doorway leading to the kitchen.


Pay no attention to the random card table in the shot. You have to move my desk to open the closet in goes in, and I needed a husband for that, but was unwilling to wait on him before taking the picture!

I really should do a post about my kitchen someday. I love it. LOVE it. I drew a sketch of what I wanted it to look like based on Kyle's description of the space before I had ever been in our house. I still have that picture because the room matches my sketch EXACTLY.

But back to my vinyl...

I cut the "Create" out of George and the "dream" and "inspire" out of Stone Script. Provo Craft sells special tape for keeping everything in line, but I just find the center letter and work my way out. The vinyl is just peel and stick--but totally repositionable. I initially separated the words with asterisks, as I couldn't find anything better. But I got the Storybook cart for my birthday, and so replaced them with tiny chrysanthemums just yesterday. They are way cute!

Thirty minutes and my Cricut. And that was with Avery wanting to help. I love decor projects that can be done in no time for no money and with no skill!


Valerie said...

Girl, it takes skill!!!

Looks great!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

This is beautiful! I love it! Now I really want a Cricut. ;)

Just wanted you to know that I am loving your blog after finding you through Creative Parties & Showers. I look forward to reading more!

Katie said...

I just got a Cricut and am somewhat overwhelmed by all of the things that I could do. Thanks for sharing this simple but wonderful idea!

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