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In early February we took Avery to Western Kentucky University, both mine and Kyle's alma mater, for her first basketball game. We had fun showing her Cherry Hall, where we practically lived, and other WKU landmarks. She loved Big Red...from a distance, though she did give him a high five.

During a time out in the second half, Big Red came on to the floor for one of his skits. He say a girl down in a chair and acted as the band played "Heeey, Baby...I Want to Know if You'll Be My Girl." As the song ended, a guy walked out from the sidelines with a microphone, called the girl's name, and proposed. He said they met at Diddle two years before, and wanted to start the next chapter of their relationship there, too. I cried.

It was pretty brave of him to pop the question in front of the largest crowd of the season and ESPN cameras. Of course she said yes. And it of course brought back memories of Kyle's proposal to me, which I also thought was pretty creative.

March 31, 2002--sSeven years ago today--I was student teaching, and he had just started his first job out of college. As Easter approached, he mentioned Easter presents, something I'm sure we had never exchanged. As a full time unpaid teacher, shelling out for an easter trinket was a little stressful. I was waiting for my income tax return just to buy Kyle's birthday presents! I set the limit at $20 and got him the latest Coldplay CD.

When Easter Sunday arrived we went to his parents' house for lunch with the family. He kept bringing up presents, but was adamant about waiting to exchange them until everyone left. Then he admitted to spending a little more than $20, claiming it cost $60 instead. I was a little miffed that he was going to outdo me (if only I had known!), but proceeded to look in my Easter basket. Inside was a porcelin egg. While lovely, I immediately wondered what was in the egg that cost $60, since I knew he didn't just get me an egg. Imagine my shock when I opened it and found my ring! I had picked it out over three years earlier, and knew he had it, but never imagined that I would get it that day or that he would use Easter as a way of proposing. I was impressed!

Thanks for choosing me, Kylie! I love you bunches.

So now--leave a comment and share your proposal stories. I lov those kinds of stories!


Katie said...

Aww thanks for sharing your story! I too love proposal stories! Here is mine:

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