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One day while I was perusing Etsy I came across all these beautiful tutu dresses--a new concept to me! They are actually really easy to make, and can be done completely no-sew. You can see some gorgeous examples here. Basically, you just knot lengths of tulle onto a ribbon waistband long enough to fit across the chest and have room to tie into a bow at the back. A second ribbon is looped on the front and ties around the neck. Instead of being super short like most tutus, these extend to tea-length.

So here's what I came up with for Kyle's cousin's little girl Kaylee. It uses 100 yards of tulle in hot pink, light pink and white. With 50% off coupons, that's about $5 worth of tulle. I hot glued some sherbety peonies to the front to help keep everything modest (and pretty!).

And of course, every tutu needs a matching hairbow...

As expected, Steph was more excited about this than Kaylee. She's planning to have pictures made of Kaylee in it this spring. Those were my thoughts exactly when making it :). Avery has one, too, of course. Hers is white with the softest pink flowers on the front. And for hers I made ribbon straps instead of the halter. Hers is a tad too small, though, so I'm waiting for a sale or coupon so I can finish it.

I haven't blogged in forever, but I have been creating, so I'll get to some more things soon. Just after I make my house look a little less like Toy R Us exploded in it. And finish the website. And plan next semester. And...well, you get the picture.

Happy New Year all!!
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Valerie said...

Wow, that is adorable! You've inspired me to make one for ZK... I may be calling you for help!

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