My Pretty Butterfly

No, I didn't forget about pictures of Ave in her Butterfly costume...I've just been busy teaching and writing and cleaning and cooking and running all over town. She looked so stinking cute, though, so I simply must share them...

I had to make it...just like last year and the year before. That's what happens when your 2 year old is the size of a one year old. Ave chose the black and orange butterfly, and I found the gorgeous Pottery Barn one as inspiration. But $90 for a costume? No thanks. Besides, it started at a 2-3T. Maybe when she's in kindergarten. $5 in felt, a headband from the dollar aisle, some pom poms, a turtle neck and mary janes. Done. It was actually pretty easy. Except for finding a black turtleneck in a 12 month size with no snaps in the crotch. Snaps and potty trained kids don't go well together. I'm literally having to cut the bottoms off her tops and hem them to make things work. But I digress....

This is my favorite shot, and it's getting blown up to 8 x 10, even if it is a little blurry. I think it adds to the idea of movement. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

So there you go. One butterfly and one more year of her choosing something classic over the commercial. I know those days will end soon. My little girl is growing up...in fact, they're moving her up to the 3 year old class at school. She's 2 1/2...she's only spent 6 months in Red Snapper! I like to think they are moving her up because of her superior intellect, but I'm pretty sure it has more to do with the fact that they need to move other kids into the 2 year old rooms and she's the one of the only potty trained ones, so she's getting the boot. But she is pretty smart :).

I do have some ideas for Thanksgiving projects and menu items, but those will have to come between birthday parties (my nephew's and cousin's), Leadership Team meeting for the Writing Project and a trip to San Antonio for the NWP annual meeting and NCTE convention.

Enjoy the weekend...for us Tennesseans this may be the last semi-warm one.


Meaghan said...

Don't forget to stop by and get into this weeks giveaway...free coffee :)


Shyla said...

It's like seeing a miniature Joanie butterfly! She is *very* cute, and I am continually blown away by your talent!

I challenged you to a Bible quiz on my blog...ha ha ha :o)

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