Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey everyone! Kyle and Avery are still at his aunt's house eating and watching our beloved Titans crush the Lions (21-3 after the FIRST quarter!), but I had to come back to get tonight's turkey in the oven. After spending the Thanksgiving I was pregnant without turkey (some was fried, the other a HoneyBaked Ham soked breast cut into completely uniform slices--ugh.), I started volunteering to make the bird. Now I couldn't get out if it if I tried!
And I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything new, but I just got back from San Antonio Sunday (had a GREAT trip...one of those where you work really hard, but none of it feels like work), and I've been a little involved reading Twilight. Okay, obsessed. I never expected to like the Align Leftseries; I was only reading the first one because all of my students were, and since it's so rare for them to read any book, I wanted to be able to talk about it with them. When my friend Sarah loaned me hers, she handed me New Moon as well, saying simply, "You'll need this, too." She was right. I started last Tuesday night, and am now half way through Breaking Dawn. For anyone who's read the series, you know that's about 2000 pages in just over a week. TV? Blogs? Laundry? No thanks, I'm reading. I seriously have not been this excited about a book--much less four books--since the Babysitters Club in fourth grade. And I'm an English teacher. I think it's because I skipped from BSC stright to Faulkner, missing out on the whole YA literature thing. Now I get it.

But back to crafty stuff. I saw this really cute fabric out of the corner of my eye a couple of weeks ago at Hobby Lobby, and immediately wanted to make Ave a dress out of it. So far my sewing has been limited to pillows and Halloween costumes that only have to hold up for a couple of hours. But my excited blinded my hesitance. I whipped up this little pillowcase dress in just about an hour, without a pattern. I even used a blind stitch on the hem, something I had not done in at least 15 years, when Mimi tried to teach me to sew.

Ugh. The picture turned out blurry, but you get the idea. I made her hair flower out of a scrapbooking embellishment, simply hot gluing a clippy to the back. She told everyone at church that Mommy made her dress on her sewing thing.
And that may be all for awhile. I'll be done with my book soon, especially since I have a few hours alone babysitting the bird, but I have a website to build, papers to grade and some finals to create. And a house to decorate. And shopping to do. I'm planning to do a lot of my shopping on Etsy this year, so maybe I'll start featuring some sellers instead. Any favorite shops out there? Let me know!

And to all of you crazy people hitting the malls tomorrow, have fun. I'll be hiding in my house, far away from the bedlam.


Suzanne Highers said...

Hope you guys had a wonderful turkey day! And I agree 100% on the Twilight series. I saw on the kids at school reading them and thought if the kids are reading them like this then they have to be good. I read all 4 in less then 2 weeks. They are wonderful! Enjoy!
And I LOVE Avery dress!! Beautiful!!

Valerie said...

Way to go on the dress! What a cool mom you are!
As soon as I finish "The Shack" ..... I'm ready to begin the Twilight series. I can't wait!
A friend of mine just finished the series... in five days. Yes. The whole series. Wow, that's a lot of reading.

nicole said...

Thanks so much for the ornament...I was your swap mate! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Shyla said...

I'm glad you like the name Grace. Yes, she will be Grace Rose. I honestly don't think it flows as well as Anna Rose and Moriah Rose, but we couldn't go and leave her out now :o)

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