Look What I Got!

After being in my basement for almost exactly two years, I finally found time to have my grandmother come over and help me set up the sewing machine she gave me. She bought it right after she and my grandfather married...58 years ago! She kept talking about what a pretty stitch it made, which I didn't get (like when my mil says Avery has such pretty straight legs. HUh?), but she's right! It works perfectly, and I'm excited to try my hand at sewing now. Actually, I already sewed one thing today, but it's very much a prototype, so I'll have to post about that another time. Just what I need, right? Another hobby.


Positively Creative! said...

I just found your blog, don't know how, but I am lovin your creativity....we could be sisters..heehee!

My BFF is modpodge, I think you might know her!! I am going to try your idea on the plastic totes for ones I have..thanks so much for the idea..!

dddiva said...

I am so jealous, my gramma was an amazing seamstress. Enjoy.

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Your table is beautiful, no need to redo that one! :)

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