Happy Fall, Y'all!

(Yes, I'm from the South and proud of it.) It's finally starting to feel like fall here in Nashville! I'm so excited to start dressing Avery in all of her too cute fall outfits instead of the sleeveless tops and shorts she was still able to wear earlier in the week. I'm excited about brisk, but sunny afternoons. I'm excited about oranges and browns and reds. I'm excited that fall brings us closer to winter, because winter means snow, a favorite word among teachers.

This picture of our front yard was taken last weekend. The leaves were just starting to turn--you should see them now! Hopefully we'lll be able to ride up on the hill this week so I can get some shots of the farm in full color. I'm so not a farm-type girl, but I married a man with strong ties to his family's land, and though there are still times that I think about what it would be like to go house hunting or to live somewhere more suburban, I'm finally--after eleven years--starting to understand the pull of the Hollow. This time of year, when the fields are mowed, the leaves are bright, and the animals are more visible, I feel it even more.

And so....I went looking for some fall inspiration. I LOVE these projects, and might try some of them myself...next year. Right now I still have a Halloween costume to finish, a website to design for one of my three jobs (and by that I mean paying jobs, nevermind being a wife and mommy), and two trips to take in November. Here's what I found.

And these are the projects I have tackled this season. Actually this past Monday. Hey, I don't get that many days off between August and May, so I try to get a lot done on those days I am off (hence my love of snow days).

Those house numbers are my entrance into the world of vinyl lettering. I cut them out on my Cricut from Wall Pops, which you can get at Lowes.

And here's a closer look at the pumpkin topiary in progress. I'm still looking for a larger pumpkin to add to the bottom. I may use a real one for that. Once it's done it should fit better in the pot, hiding the dirt left from the summer's flowers.

Easiest. Centerpiece. Ever. The floral/berry picks are just stuck into the spaces of the wire pumpkin.

I want to find some black pillar holders for the pumpkins, but the little silver pots work, too.

So I finally did some decorating for fall. I'm still looking for more fall decorating ideas, though, so please comment with ideas and links!


nikkicrumpet said...

I love the design of your blog..the colors and the polka dots are so cute! Great fall projects...I wish I had more time to try some of those beautiful pumpkins!

dddiva said...

The projects are very cute, the ones you have done and the ones in your maybe next year file.
Not so much around here as we have been super busy with other things, but I am getting some fall baking done and heartier meals as well as burning some fall candles.
Ahh well, I'll get back to it one of these days. :)

Summer said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!!

Summer said...

Loving all your fall projects!!! I just love how the colors of fall warms the house up!!

Kirstie says..... said...

I'd love to visit Nashville in the fall! (or spring, summer or winter for that matter!!) I know what you mean about family ties to land.......we live in my husband's family home where he, his brothers, his father and grandfather were raised. Now if some of them would just move out, we'd be all set! ;-)

meg said...

Hello there, fellow SISTsa :-)
I love those project inspirations, especially the little "Welcome" sign- a really nice housewarming gift.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog from SITS. Holy Cow! I love your fall decor! SO CUTE!!

Anna Lefler said...

These ideas are fabulous...and I love the picture of your fall foliage. Soo jealous - we've got nothin' fallish here! Enjoy...

:^) Anna

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