Things You Might Not Know

My oldest friend, Shyla, tagged me to write six weird things about myself. And since we have been friends for 28 years (yes, that's our whole lives), I suppose I'll oblige and reveal some of my eccentricities.

  1. My husband and I know of several times in our childhood when we were in the same place at the same time, but never met. We even went to elementary school together, but did not meet until I was 17 and he was 19, and only then by what seemed mere coincidence. We've been inseperable for nearly 11 years.
  2. I live in an 85 year old house that everyone in my husband's family since 1930 has started their married life in. His grandparents moved in after the uncle who built it as a summer home died, his aunt and uncle and later his parents and all three of his first cousins moved into the basement apartment upon marriage. We bought the house shortly before we married in 2003 and do NOT live in the basement. Actually, I never even go down there.
  3. I love cookie dough way more than I love cookies. When I was pregnant, I occasionally made cookie dough sans eggs so I could safely eat it.
  4. I am what I wanted to be when I grew up. At my Mother's Day Out graduation, the emcee announced that my name was Heather, my favorite color was pink (it really wasn't, I think I said that out of peer pressure), and that when I grew up I wanted to be a teacher. I have never once wavered from that, though I usually wantd to be about five things and a teacher. I still have that problem--starting in January I will have three paying jobs in addition to my responsibilities at home.
  5. I had a college fight song played during my wedding ceremony. And it was my idea. We're huge University of Michigan fans, and their fight song is known as one of the best. It seemed like a good way to infuse that part of our lives without making my bridesmaids wear Maize (you're welcome, girls ;)).
  6. When I was in high school I was a tiny size 3 but wore a size 9 ring. Today I'm a 6 on a good day, but my size 8 rings fall off. Yeah...I don't know why.

...and here's one more in honor of my tagger, Shyla...Shyla and I married our husbands on the same day (June 14) six years apart and were bridesmaids in each other's weddings. I always think that's so neat :)

But since everyone I know with a blog is already a part of this tag, I guess my branch of the game will end with me. I need to teach my friends what a blog is!


Shyla said...

That was great! And some of that stuff I didn't even know :o)

Thanks about the maize, definitely. Very much.

Lane Boyz Mom said...

I love reading these things, it helps you get to know others and also makes you think about yourself too, if that makes sense, LOL

And can you please share a picture of the maize colored brides maid dresses, I'm uh, nosey that way;) LOL

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