Little Bits of Pink and Green Goodness

Don't you love a day without work? I used my morning off to run a few non-essential errands--my favorite kind--and oh the goodies I found!

My first stop was Michael's, where my main mission was felt and other notions so I could get started on Avery's Halloween costume. And then I thought I'd get some supplies to make a frame for my husband's co-worker who is expecting a little girl next month. And then I saw a Christmas decor magazine. And then I saw the Lindt chocolate truffles at the register. The truffles I passed up, however.

But here are the preppy things I did buy:

My favorite scrapbooking paper ever. I need to start buying it in bulk because every time I go to Michael's I get at least 3 sheets.

Cute striped ribbon for the above mentioned frame. And for take two of boutique hairbow making.

Brads to be the cherry on the cupcake frame.

Too cute to do list with separate post-it calendar. I'm hoping the fairy on it will clean my house each day while I'm at work. Just $1!! (I looooove Dollar Aisles!)

My next stop was the mall to get the actual shower gift. And wouldn't you know...Gymboree was full of my favorite colors.
I'm pretty sure Avery will end up with this outfit, too, because I can't get over how cute it is.
And while looking for a navy tee at The Children's Place to go with the jumper I bought my little girl, I found the shoes. They match perfectly, and I snatched them up, even though they are a little bigger and probably won't fit when the outfit does. Here's a closer look:

And now with my shopping done, it's on to crafting. Be sure to share any fabulous pink and green things you find with me!


Valerie said...

Just a quick comment about the shoes.... A friend called me today to tell me all about those. They look just like Pedipeds (our absolute FAV in baby shoes). I can't wait to buy ZK a pair of those. Do you know what sizes they came in?
Great outfit. LOVE the colors!

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