I Wish I Could Do That

By now you know about my quest to become (and stay) more organized. I'm getting there. Right now I have a few routines going that I can mostly stick t0, and the state of the house is...okay. I could have it ready for company in less than an hour, which for me is pretty good. Avery's playroom is probably the room I dislike the most now. It was added on sometime in the late 50s or early 60s, so it has brick walls and a paneled ceiling and commercial grade carpet over concrete floors. There are three flourescent lights that take eons to come on, and that's it for lighting. The worst part is that it's about 20' x 6'....very awkward dimensions. Nevertheless, I really want to do a little something to it to both make it look nicer and help with my mission of becoming more balanced. This is what I have in mind:

I truly LOVE this arrangement. The only thing I would do differently is to put a chest where they have the bench, and only because I already have a bench in the room that can't move because the matching shelf is Mighty Puttied to the wall. (It sat in the middle of the floor for two years while we figured out how to hang it on a studdless wall.) I found this organized bliss at Tip Junkie, who found it at I'm an Organizing Junkie who found it at Organize Magazine. How's that for trying to give proper credit!

And for something else I wish I could do...

In case you can't tell by my terrible photograph (I literally had ab0ut 2 seconds of battery left), that's a Rocket from Little Einsteins hat made from balloons. The Chick Fil A in my town has this guy come out every Monday night for their kids night, and Avery asks to go every Monday (seriously, how does she know it's Monday??). So far she's gotten a rose, an Ariel, a Sleeping Beauty hat...and their may be some others I've forgotten about. This, however, was by far the coolest. He didn't know what Rocket looked like, so he pulled up the site on his blackberry and made this by that tiny picture. And he wrapped the clear balloon around his finger while he blew it up to make it coil like that. I must learn how to do this!!

The last thing I need to learn to do (for now, anyway) is to use PhotoShop. I have about twenty days left in my free trial, and I still have Christmas cards to make! I had a lot of frustrating fun making all my blog stuff. Did you see the sidebar titles? Those are my favorites! I have a few more ideas, but the playhouse deadline is looming, so I don't know how many of them will be executed before the trial runs out.

And with that, I must stop typing and start doing...


Tabitha Blue said...

What a great idea for organizing! I would love to do something like that. With a little one and with working it's hard to find the time... but once a good system is in place it'll definitely save time! Love your blog... it's super cute. :)

mydogumentary said...

That is such a cute wall! I love it! And if you learn how to use photoshop--teach us too!

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