Time for a Party

I love planning...well, anything really. It's probably part of the reason I became a teacher. About this time each year, I print off some calendars and plan out the semester's lessons. And then I do it again simply because it gives me another opportunity to plan. When my husband proposed to me, I already had about a dozen complete weddings planned in my head; we just chose the one we wanted and found a way to execute the plans. So, it probably comes as no surprise that planning birthday parties for Avery has become something of a hobby. One idea pops into my head, a picture in a magazine catches my eye....and from there the pieces (usually) all fall into place.

Last October we took the peanut to the Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg. Her love of fish has not waned at all since. An under the sea themed 2nd birthday seemed the obvious choice.

The party details (clockwise from top left)

  • The cake was a two-tiered round cake decorated with all kinds of sea creatures made from fondant and buttercream. The octopus topper was rice krispies treats formed into a ball and covered in fondant with fondant tentacles.
  • So tired after her party! The party hats were just cardstock adorned with an octpus die cut and sequin "bubbles" found in the dollar aisle at Joann's. This is also the last picture of Avery with her binky, as she decided to throw it away a couple of weeks later.
  • I saw this octopus standee online for $50. Yeah right! Some cardboard, a little paint and a utility knife to cut out the openings equals instant photo booth!

  • Her birthday banner--more cardboard and paint, plus letters die cut with my Cricut (I love that bug!).

  • My favorite party detail: the fish favor buckets! I found the sand buckets for $1 and then hot glued fun foam fins and lips and googly eyes onto them. They were filled with goldfish crackers, a decorated cookie, glitter fish tatoos, and fishy goggles.

  • Seahorse decoration from The Dollar Tree.

  • The party invitations. 6 x 6" cards with octopus die cut and seaweed and fish stickers (made them very quick to put together). I used round epoxy stickers for bubbles and vellum circle "bubbles" on the front. The party information was printed on the "sand" part of the scene.

I also decorated the dining room where the food was set up with green and aqua streamers that I attached to the ceiling and twisted straight down to the floor (seaweed/coral) and accented with clear balloons (bubbles). These tissue fish were swimming from the chandelier over the cake and were also hanging in the windows. I added some left over googly eyes and some glitter glue to give them more dimension.

Making all of those things takes a lot of time, but very little money (75% of it is paper!). And I know that I appreciate the details much more than she (or anyone else) does, but it allows me a reason to craft on a large scale and to use all of the supplies that I can't resist buying.

The pink 3rd birthday party is already in the planning stages, so stay tuned for those details as I begin to finalize them. With so many pink things out there, the only challenge will be deciding when to stop.


Shyla said...

Hey! Once again I am impressed :o)
I tried to list you on my "friends' blogs" list, but it said a feed is not available. The link is there, but it doesn't update with the title of your most recent post. Have you disabled it? I tried yesterday and today.

Shyla said...

Oh yeah, I just finished reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See that I was telling you about. The two girls in peasant China in the early 1800s. You really should read it, it's not standard fare and is very good.

Shyla said...

Okay, three comments from me on the same post. Sheesh.

Just wondering how the first week of school and your newly discovered freedom is going... :o)

Valerie said...

Just wondering how your school year is going so far..... Wishing you a happy school year!

Heather said...

school is going fine--great kids this time--but my freedom was short lived. I had another seizure in my sleep Friday morning and have now been diagnosed as having epilepsy. I start medicine for it Monday. I'll probably drive around town for now, and hopefully be cleared for longer distances when I build up to the full doasge and see my neuro again in a month. I'm fine...just frustrated.

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