I have been waiting for this day for 9 months

I'm sure you're expecting this post to be about pregnancy or childbirth, or possibly the end of a school year. But it's not. It has been nine long months since the end of the 2007 college football season, but the drought officially ends today!

In most American families, Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year. In our house it is the last Saturday in August. And while we'll watch any team playing, our devotion rests with the University of Michigan. My boys in blue. And lest you think I'm exagerating a tad, I should mention that we have a Michigan room in our house, complete with blue walls and a winged helmet on the TV, and that their fight song played as we exited the church at our wedding. And that Avery could signal "touchdown" before she could say "mama." At one, she glanced at the TV, saw a UM highlight on SportsCenter, and yelled "Go Blue!" before moving on to whatever toy she was playing with.

And so, of course, the three of us are clad in Maize and Blue this morning. Avery has been asking all week if it was time to wear her Mich-gan dress, as in her tiny cheerleading outfit. Before she could, though, she needed hairbows to match it (to me this is obvious, but I realize I'm a bit more obsessive about the hairbow thing than most). This is what I came up with:

The tutorial for making these bows is here.

Not great, but not too bad either, though I don't think I'm ready for an Etsy shop just yet.

The major problem I had was a lack of proper supplies. The glue I used dried too hard, and the wires I had were either too heavy or too light. The other issue was making two to accomodate pigtails. Since they had to match it took much longer than just making two separate bows would have. Still, I think they'll work for twelve Saturdays.

And since I know you're dying to see the complete ennsemble, here''s my little cheerleader, complete with her "ham hams" (that's pom-pons, for those that don''t speak toddler).

Enjoy the games, Go TOPS! and GO BLUE!!!


Heidi said...

I love the bows! I made some in Broncos colors a few years ago to match DD's little cheerleader outfit. Your little cheerleader is darling! :)

Lane Boyz Mom said...

Can we still be friends if I say GO GATORS?! LOL

Those bows are soo cute, not thinking my boys would appreciate them much tho, well, they do have long hair, but they are old enough to fight me on that, LOL

mydogumentary said...

Oh my goodness she's so cute! My husband and I are going to have a problem when we have kids. We like rival teams--I guess we'll have to do a half and half wardrobe!

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