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I have never thought of myself as an artist. Artists draw and paint things, and while my sketches are passable, they are nothing I'd ever hang on the wall. That's why when I create artwork I generally use something else as a starting point, like this. In the case of the artwork for the playhouse, my starting point was paper.

Let me just pause here to say how much I love paper. It is so versatile, comes in all kinds of sizes, colors and textures, and is CHEAP! It is hands down my favorite craft product.

So this is the trio of collages I created to hang in Ave's house (assuming it ever gets completed...):

I actually plan to hang these horizontally, so use your imagination. I agonized over how to compose these three little prints, but I'm really happy with how they turned out. Here's the how to:

Start with square canvases in whatever size works for your application. Mine are 11" x 11" and actually were already painted with tuscan designs. I just primed them before painting them pink. The darker pink is right out of the bottle; the lighter one is that shade mixed with white. Unlike most paints, these dried lighter, so keep that in mind. I taped off all of my lines to keep the edges clean, but you could freehand the background if you wanted.

For the collages I used a combination of hand cut shapes (the vase, grassy hill, tulip), Cricut cut designs (daisies) and shapes traced from printouts (letter "a", butterfly). Most of the papers are scrapbooking papers, but the pink stripe used on the tulip is actually an enclosure card picked up on the dollar aisle at Michael's. The lesson? Unlearn an item's intended use and allow things that will work for a project to work! All of the pieces have dimensional embellishments such as silk flowers, ribbons, rhinestones (on the butterfly), bubble stickers (on the center of the pink daisy at top), brads, etc. The daisy at top and the butterfly bend away from the canvas, adding more dimension. I'm so excited with how these turned out and can't wait to see them against the green walls of the playhouse!

If you don't believe that anyone can make these, TRY! The only painting involved is the background (and you can forego the tricky patterns like the harlequin) and the flower stems. And actually, those could be paper, too. Had I had more flower designs in the Cricut cartridges I own, I probably wouldn't have hand cut anything at all.

No more excuses for not being able to find coordinating artwork for your naked walls--collage!


Valerie said...

You're good! I'm dying to have a painted canvas in ZK's room.... I think I'll have to hire you to create it! What do ya say?

Heather said...

hi there! Just found your blog googling fun ideas besides scrapbooking with a cricut! Love all of the creative things you do :-) To make the canvases did you just glue the scrapbook paper on, or did you modge podge it all on? Love it!! Can't wait to buy a cricut!

AP Lang said...

Heather--All I did was glue it on, though you certainly could Modge Podge it. You'll love your Cricut, but you might want to check out the Silhouette. If I were just now buying a machine, I would probably go with that, as it's a little more versatile and can cost less with way you purchase designs (and it can cut any font on your computer. I have LOTS of fonts, so this would be awesome!).

Heather said...

Oops! That's me above. I was signed in on another account!


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