Wednesday's Projects

On Wednesday I mentioned three projects I was working on that day. Well, I finished them all....on Monday.

First up was a cake for Ann. I make a lot of cakes, but this was my first try with making my own fondant (soooo easy!) and with White Almond Sour Cream cake (yummy!). The end result?

It was also my first try with Duff Roses. Again, EASY! Roll out a little fondant, cut three circles from the fondant, overlap the edges of the circles, roll up, cut roll in half to make 2 roses at the same time. Here's a closer look:

Unfortunately, Ann had an emergency and couldn't make her birthday lunch, and I was unable to get her cake to her. I'll have to make her another one for the next time I see her.

Up next was prepping the playhouse for paint. I never expected hanging drywall, installing vinyl siding and roofing to be items on my resume, but I've learned to do them all on a 10' x 12' scale. Mudding and sanding the drywall was the WORST. I'm so relieved that it's now finished (the drywall, not the playhouse).

ready for paint! Benjamin Moore color Stem Green

Finally, I painted a little table for the playhouse. This started life as a yard sale find ten years ago. It has since served as bedside table in my college apartments and a printer stand in my classroom. Now it's goin to be Ave's art table. I painted it white and tried striping it freehand. That didn't work. Then I did some two-toned pink stripes that I taped off. Didn't like that either. I think I finally got it right the third time.

It took forever to tape off all the stripes, but it made the painting really quick. I put the final white wash on it this morning. I still plan to paint the center with chalkboard paint (note to self--add chalkboard paint to Home Depot list!).

So that's it.

Yeah, right. There are 45 pieces of window trim waiting to be painted sitting on my front porch (aka painting studio).


Valerie said...

Yay! glad you are blogging! Can't wait to see Miss A online... she's such a cutiepie.

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