Thinking About Halloween

Avery wants to be a butterfly this year. I think this comes from our trip to Chattanooga last month and the Butterfly Garden there at the Tennessee Aquarium. Whereever she got it, I'm thrilled! One more year without dressing up as some over-marketed TV character. My first thought was to just get her some wings and a black leotard. I got over that idea pretty fast, though, and decided to go with something more like this:

This is from Pottery Barn Kids 2007 collection, and I LOVE it! I don't love the idea of paying $90 for a Halloween costume, andit doesn't come in peanut size anyway. I'm thinking a little felt and an afternoon should do it. We'll see how it goes! I'm also thinking of trying my hand at felt bags (I'm already thinking ahead to party favor bags for Ave's 3rd birthday) and embellishing them with silk flowers. I think it would make a cute treat bag.

If it seems too early for Halloween musings, it's not. At least not for me. My little one is tiny--almost 2 1/2, yet the size of the average 1 year old. Because of that I've never been able to find age appropriate costumes that fit her and have made them all.

2006--6 months old. Her little bumble bee costume is a series of ruffled ribbon stripes and pantyhose/coat hanger wings. There were other bumble bees at daycare, but I like hers best (naturally!).

2007--18 months old. She was a flower last year, though most people thought she was a fairy. Oops! I made a little dress where the shirt was layers of tulle and chiffon petals. I dyed leggings green for the stem and made the little flower headpiece with a pipe cleaner and silk flowers. She also had leaves made of fun foam, but they are in the back and not visible. Her little treat bucket (too dark to really see) is a little gavanized pail covered with silk leaves. Whatever she was she was sooo cute!

Now it's time to plan out this year's costume. I have to beat the last two!


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