It's All About Pink

...and green...and polka dots.

I've never even really been a fan of pink, and here I am with a blog suggesting it as the best color out there. Oh sweet irony. It all started with the playhouse (of which I will write more later, as it is finally nearing completion) and Avery's desire for it to be pink and green. I love the combination of those colors more than I love either of them individually, so I was pleased. Then she saw one of my cake books and declared she wanted a pink birthday party when she was three. That's still nine months away, but she's a planner just like her Mommy! Suddenly I was thrown into a world of all things pink, and now I love it.

But what about the polka dots? In my search for pink party ideas, I stumbled across Polka Dot Birthday. I didn't know I loved dots until I found this and her other blog Polka Dot Mom! Sally is a fellow Nashvillian and is everything I want to be as a crafter. And though everything she makes is fabulous, I'm particularly in love with these polka dot banners:

I'm feeling the pull of the scrapbooking aisle at Hobby Lobby. But before I do I have three projects I must work on today--a cake for my good friend Ann, mudding and sanding the drywall of the playhouse, and painting a table (third time's a charm?) for said playhouse. So many crafty things, only two weeks til school starts back.


Shyla said...

Okay, so you have this whole fabulously crafty side I knew nothing about! Your blog looks great! Of course I expected great writing, coming from a high school english teacher and all, but I had absolutely no idea you were so creative. I am sooo impressed. The extent of my creativity depends soley on what I can copy from a Pottery Barn catalog.

Oh well.

You are going to have to teach me some stuff.

Would you be up for doing lunch next Wed, Thur, or Fri? I'd be glad to come pick you (and Avery, of course!) up. I know it's close to school starting, but I'd love to get together if you can.

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