Circles Overhead

My father and husband are in the process of building a small mansion of a playhouse for Avery. It was to be for her 2nd birthday, but that was in April, and the house is still under construction. I've ended up doing quite a bit of the work, too, but I'm most excited about designing the inside. My first creation for the house was this mobile to hang over the window seat in the bay window:

I saw something like it in the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue, but it was too big for Check Spellingmy space. My idea was that it would kind of have the look of a chandelier in a space without electricity. To make mine I found a brass ring at the craft store and then punched a billion circles in two sizes (1 1/2" and 1/2") from light pink, bright pink, light green, light yellow and white cardstock. I glued fishing line between two circles and made 10-12" stings of circles. These I wrapped around the ring and then gathered all of the ends at the top and secured with a bead.

I don't know how well the paper will hold up, but I decided it was my best option in that (a) it came in the colors I needed and (b) I could cut it to shape easily. I can't wait to see what it looks like hanging in the playhouse!


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